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The AirVR is a new kind of virtual reality headset that leverages iOS Retina hardware already in millions of peoples’ hands.

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Introducing the AirVR and AirVR+, the first wireless VR headsets for iPad Mini, iPad Mini with Retina and iPhone 6+. AirVR is the most affordable way to experience the world of Virtual Reality for yourself. With your iPad Mini or iPhone 6+ and AirVR, you have everything needed to experience immersive VR anywhere. Wireless virtual reality, at a price that everyone can afford.

Virtual Reality is finally within our reach. But cost, availability, and a lack of content have kept it from becoming a part of everyday life, until now.

AirVR and AirVR+ will be available for $49 + shipping.  We will be sending out kickstarter orders in December 2014, and taking online orders from our online store starting in January 2015.

When our campaign is over you can use our website to pick which AirVR model or models you want, as well as other options like color choices.  On the website you will also arrange for shipping to your location, giving you the choice of the most affordable shipping methods.  Help fund this kickstarter to get an AirVR or AirVR+ in time for the holiday season.

Getting started with AirVR is quick and easy. Simply slide your iPad Mini or iPhone 6+ into the AirVR and you’re set. The ergonomic foam pads and adjustable ballistic nylon straps ensure a snug and comfortable fit.

The built-in battery of the iPad Mini and iPhone 6+ means you can leave the power cable at home and take portable VR anywhere you want. The advanced 64-bit Processors and Graphics Systems allow AirVR to immerse users in vivid 3D worlds and experiences without the need for an external computer.

Even better, the iPad Mini and iPhone 6+ include a of range sensors including GPS, digital compass, wireless networking, microphone, speakers, cameras, as well as barometer and proximity on the iPhone 6+ and a host of 3rd party accessories, including game controllers, that all help to deliver the most complete Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) experiences available today.

AirVR brings the magic of Virtual Reality with you everywhere you go. Ditch the tangle of cables and experience VR anywhere in the world.

We looked at the challenge of positional tracking from a different point of view, literally. By using the front-facing camera in conjunction with printable AR markers, we can move freely in a virtual environment using accurate head tracking without the need for an external camera or additional hardware. This gives AirVR high quality positional tracking capable of accurately locating a user’s position and orientation within a space, while remaining mobile and low cost. And by using the camera feed, users can also see what’s in front of them, opening the door for high fidelity AR applications. This level of accuracy and integration is vital for making the most immersive VR experiences possible.

AirVR for iPad Mini features the dynamic TouchStrip directly on the device. We turned the unused space on the iPad Mini’s screen into a luscious touch graphical-interface to control the AirVR in and out of the VR experience. The context-aware TouchStrip is a perfect input for interacting with apps and games, or for quickly adjusting the AirVR. This makes calibrating AirVR a snap, and cuts out a lot of the hassle associated with sharing traditional VR headsets.

AirVR offers a broad range of inputs to ensure that interactions with these VR experiences are limited only by developers’ imaginations.

Beyond the TouchStrip, the AirVR and AirVR+ leave all of your devices’ buttons and ports fully accessible, and work with any MFi iOS compatible gamepads, allowing another level of control and customization. The SDK also includes example virtual controller apps foriOS and Android, allowing you to use your smartphone as a myriad of gamepads and custom motion controllers compatible with the AirVR and AirVR+.

One of the largest hurdles for others trying to deliver VR to market has been a severe lack of useful content. AirVR includes applications that allow you to experience existing content in a whole new dimension.

PhotoVR lets you experience photos from your personal collection and around the world in a whole new dimension.  Use the on board camera to take pictures from inside the VR experience, and organize your albums in virtual space.

MovieVR allows you to immerse yourself in 3D and HD movies.  Go first person, or watch video on a virtual 3D screen.  YouTube has a growing community of 3D content uploaders, with airVR you’ll get access to a new kind of video content that can transport you anywhere in the world.

PanoramaVR enables users to plunge into luscious 360° panoramas to relive the places they’ve been and experience the places they’ll go.  With the iOS camera app you can capture panoramas anywhere.  Full spherical panoramas will map perfectly to the virtual space, and you’ll get to go inside a snapshot of that place and time.

For VR specific content, AirVR leverages Apple’s industry leading AppStore as it’s primary channel of content delivery. This allows any of the over 9 million registered iOS developers or 3.3 million Unity3D developers to easily deliver rich VR experiences in upcoming and pre-existing games, with support for additional platforms coming soon.

AirVR works with a range of Side by Side (SBS) content including:

  • native iOS apps and games from the AppStore
  • media such as movies and concerts downloaded from iTunes or streamed directly from YouTube
  • AirVR compatible websites and games

Getting new content for your AirVR is the same as getting regular content for your iPhone or iPad. Immersive movies, games and apps are always just URL or AppStore search away. And once you find your content, bookmark it in AirWare, a single place for all of yourAirVR content, accessible from in and out of the VR experience.

We know that behind amazing digital experiences, stand amazing developers. So we’re making sure AirVR is easy to get started with, and profitable for developers through Apple’s proven AppStore platform.  With over 100 Million iPad Minis shipped, you’ll have no shortage of customers thirsting for your next hot new release. Whether you’re just starting out or updating your existing library of games with new VR experiences, AirVR is the fastest way to deliver the excitement of VR to the most customers, while exploring the growing markets of VR and AR; projected to reach a 1.06 Billion market worth over the next 4 years.

The fastest and most affordable way to start developing for VR.

The opensource AirVR SDK is currently implemented in Unity3D, one of the most accessible gaming / software development platforms in the world.

This makes adding AirVR compatibility to your existing Unity3D game an easy one-step process. Drag in the prefab, and you’re done. With iOS 8 and Unity3D 5.0, we now have support for Metal™, and with it, a 10x performance increase for 3D games and graphic intense applications. This allows you to bring your game and application ideas to reality using next-gen console quality 3D graphics.

As a developer, you have the option of becoming an AirVR Partner, which allows you to share in AirVR hardware sales revenue through our referral system. You’ll have access to the SDK and your referral codes as soon as we receive your pledge, so you get started right away.

Mobile devices are always changing, and we’re committed to bringing VR to as broad an audience as possible. While we are excited to have support for the the iPad Mini / iPad Mini with Retina, iPhone 6+, we have prototypes of AirVR compatible with Android devices, and MS Surface that we plan to release later in 2015.

AirVR opens a lot of exciting possibilities for the immediate future, allowing users to visit and experience remote locations, go on virtual vacations, and attend events from around the world. Imagine working in a true private virtual office remotely from a plane flight or train. Stargazing on a cloudy night without the need for a telescope, or even to leave the comfort of your bed. And even more exciting is the impact VR will have the web, with a new world of immersive VR sites and services, all accessible through the pre-existing infrastructure.

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

We want to have this in peoples hands in time for this holiday season and bring VR to the world, but this is a very tight deadline, meaning that the early orders will not be injection molded / rotomolded. To overcome this for the initial early runs we’ve explored alternative manufacturing methods that will give us great quality without a long wait for tooling. We’re ready to bring AirVR headsets to the world, all we need is your support.

Help us get started today and experience Virtual Reality for yourself!

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