Innovation Club

We are a community of enthusiastic experimenters who like to rack their brains to create value  out of knowledge. Our motivation comes from the people who live with the same objective of “Idea`s to reality”.

We are devoted to constantly creating and sharing high quality work, and learning from the collective wisdom of the community. Whether it is tinkering with common electronic gadgets to see how they work, or creating a complex project to automate a time consuming task, our firm belief that learning is a lifelong pursuit which must not stop even if formal education does, spurs us to push the limits of our knowledge.

The trust that the community has placed on us drives us to work harder and deliver better. Currently we are working with 200+ contributors who constantly share their work with a vast community of engineers, researchers, professionals, hobbyist and inventors through our channels.

We (Innovation Club) seek out like minded innovators who like to get their hands dirty with the technology, be it old school science when electronics was in its infancy or is today’s cutting edge technology. Also We understand that creation is an onerous task. We provide innovators with the right culture. We understand the efforts and the pains that it takes to accomplish anything worth doing. For this reason we ensure that the honorarium matches the efforts.With the support of more than fifty thousand brains who frequent our community from nearly every nook and corner of the world through forums, mails, feedback and comments, we offer you the opportunity to create what you dream of, be lauded for it and finally take it to the next level of innovation and invention.

Wait no further if you believe in yourself, for we believe in you. We look forward to a long term engagement with you.

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