PIC 16F877a with LED


In this article we will learn how to program PIC micro-controllers, and we will learn how to connect LES’s and push buttons to PIC micro-controller.

Micro-controller is a small computer on a chip containing a processor core, memory, and programmable input/output peripherals.

PIC micro-controller is type of types of micro-controllers, and (PIC) has too much types, the difference between types of (PIC) is size of memory, speed of processing, number of pins and more..

In this article we are going to use (PIC 16F877a) and you will learn how to program it using MikroC:

The datasheet for (PIC16F877a):


Firstly, you are going to learn how to connect ‘LED’ on ‘PIC’ and write Program to switch it on.

This image tells you how to connect ‘LED’ to (PIC16F877a), we used resistor with ‘LED’ connection to make limitation on current because high current will break the ‘LED’.


And this video tells you how to make and write program with MikroC and tells you how to write program to switch LED on and switch it off:

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