All new Latest 2017 mechanical engineering final year projects


Again, in 2017 mechanical engineering  final year projects we are back with latest project ideas for Mechanical Engineering. If you are not able to think out of box Mechanical Engineering project.

2017 mechanical engineering  final year projects

Velozeta Six Stroke Engine Mechanical Project Report
Mechatronics Project On Automated Cantilever Strain Measurement
Torque converter for slow speed motor
Transferring Of Movement For Steering Equipment
Plasma Arc welding
Design Of Jaw Crusher
Hydraulic car lift
Seminar on Hybrid Vehicle
Snake Well Drill
Automatic automotive block heater connection
Cable recoil system that does not use a spring, recoil is on a rotating shaft
Micro/Meso-scale Manufacturing
Load tests and many other tests on composite material
Water as an Alternate Fuel
Two Stroke Engine Using Reed Valves
Turbines in silicon
Variable Length Intake Manifold (VLIM)
Fuel Energizer
Fluid Energy Milling
Effects of Solder-Dipping as a Termination Re-Finishing Technique
Infrared Thermography
Diesel engines working,Repair and Maintenance
Investigation of Methods to Detect Defects in Thin Layered Materials
HVAC Thermostat
Rijke Tube
Modal Analysis on an Exhaust Manifold to define a Catalyst FE-model
MEMS In Industrial Automation
Magneto Abrasive Flow Machining
Space Elevator
Turning device
Tidal Power The Future Wave Of Power Generation
Training Report on Hydraulic system at BEL
Future Internal Combustion Engines Mechanical Project
Vehicle handling, stability, and bifurcation analysis for non-linear vehicle models
Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD)
Flywheel energy storage device
Virtual Reality Modeling of a Car Suspension
Low Cost Wind Power Plant Project Report
Project On HVAC
Vacuum Braking System
System design & development in calculation of response time for air brake system
New Age Tyres
Cam-less engine with electromechanical valve actuator
Trends in welding
Correlation of Sinusoidal Sweep Test to Field Random Vibrations
Fuzzy Logic Applied to Motor Control
Pseudoelasticity and Shape Memory in Metal Nanowires
Shock Waves and Shock Diamonds
Quantum Chromo Dynamics
ACC-Plus(Adaptive Crusie Control+) System
Ground Source Cooling System
Industrial Training Presentation On Optimization of wind turbine generators using Heat Pipe
Efficient pneumatic motor design
Active Electrically Controlled Suspension
Hybrid Motorcycles
Vehicle Shaping for Mine Blast Damage Reduction


2017 mechanical engineering  final year projects

Three Axis Modern Trailor [Pneumatic or Other Mechanism]
Exercisers Energy Generation (DC motor 12V)
Movable Headlight for 4 Wheeler
Pneumatic Cutting and Grinding
Geneva Mechanism
Display Monitoring
brts line
GSM weather monitoring temp., humidity, day light
Heart Rate Control Smart ABS for Two Wheeler
Four Way Hacksaw Cutting Machine
BRTS Obstacle Avoider Line
Jig Design
Automatic Black Board Cleaner
Hand Operated Manipuler Flex
Flywheel Energy Generation
Pipe Conveyor
Solar Wood Cutter
Bicycle Operated Water Purifier and Pumping
Battery Operated Thresher
Fabrication of PCB Driling Machine
ABS Braking
Fabrication of E-cycle
Innovation in Breaking system in car while in reverse brake
Design and Fabrication of Pneumatic Grinding Machine
Fabrication of Motorized Sheet Bending Machine
Fabrication of Steam Power Plant
Fabrication of wood cutting machine oprated by renewable energy
Battery Operated Convertible Car
Hydraulic Sheet Bending Machine
Glass Cleaning Machine
Solar Electric Charge Control Using MPPT
Air Cooler
Industrial power control by integrral cycle switching without generation harmonics
Design and Fabrication of Four Way Hexo
Design and Development of Solar Powered Lamination Machine
Solar Seed Dryer
Fabrication and Design of Pneumatic Drilling Machine
Meter Reading Xbee
Fabrication of Compressed Air Vehicle
Hydraulic Sheet Bending Machine operated by hand jack
Investigation of Optimum Parameters for different wind mill mounted on automobile vehicle
Hydraulic Load Shifter
3- Axis Trailor
Dustbin Automatic
Fabrication of Pedal Operated energy generation cum water pump
Exhaust Operated Energy Generation
Performane Improvement of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
Magnetic Brake Elivator Lift
Accident Avoider
Design and Modelling of 4 wheel steering
ABS Braking
Conveyor Based Object Sorting Machine
Moving Message Display on LCD
Automatic Railway Platform Rotate
Multi Purpose Machine Tool
Four Way Hacksaw Cutting Machine
Design and Development of Sweeper Machine
Pneumatic Multipurpose Machine
Pneumatic Bearing puller- Sheet Bending Machine


2017 mechanical engineering  final year projects

Modeling and Control Development for Electric Vehicle and Smart Grid Integration.

Oculus – ASR Nanosatellite Flight Integration.

Collaborative Research: On Making Wave Energy an Economical and Reliable Power Source for Ocean Measurement Applications.

Hydrodynamic Control Using X-Band Radar for Wave Energy Converter Technology.

I/UCRC: Novel High Voltage/Temperature Materials and Structures.

Advanced Controls in Wave Energy Conversion.

Natural Gas Research with Argonne National Laboratory.

Increasing Ship Power System Capability through Exergy Control.

Collaborative Research: On Making Wave Energy an Economical and Reliable Power Source for Ocean Measurement Applications.

Ignition System Characterization for Chrysler.

High Brake Mean Effective Pressure (BMEP) and High Efficiency Micro-Pilot Ignition Natural Gas Engine.

Auris: A CubeSat to Characterize and Locate Geostationary Communication Emitters.

Autonomous Microgrids: Theory, Control, Flexibility and Scalability.

Stratus: A CubeSat to Measure Cloud Structure and Winds.

Stratus, a NASA CubeSat, and the Utilization of Effective Project Management to Enhance Student Learning.

Senior Design: Flywheel Balance Measurement System.

On Integrating New Capability into Coastal Energy Conversion Systems.

Numerical Simulation Study of Post Collision Angles for Multiple Impinging Jet Injectors.

Developing a Talent Pipeline: Inspiring Future Naval Engineers and Scientists using Real-World Project Based Instruction.

High BMEP and High Efficiency Micro-Pilot Ignition Natural Gas Engine.

Rapid Screening with Paddle Fast Pyrolysis Systems.

Demonstration of Densification of Biocoal Prepared from Low Lignin Woods.

Toward Undersea Persistence.

Evaporation Sub-Model Development for Volume of Fluid (eVOF) Method Applicable to Spray-Wall Interaction Including Film Characteristics with Validation at High Pressure-Temperature Conditions.

Center for Novel High Voltage Temperature Materials and Structures.

Technical Survey on High Efficient Intensive Cooling Control Technology.

Center for Novel High Voltage/Temperature Materials and Structures.

Development of Conformable CNG Tanks for Automotive Development.

CAREER: Autonomous Underwater Power Distribution System for Continuous Operation.

CPS: Breakthrough: Toward Revolutionary Algorithms for Cyber-Physical Systems Architecture Optimization.

MicroCSPs Contribution on the Management of an Electrical Grid Including Renewable Energy Sources.

GOALI: Collaborative Research: Easily Verifiable Controller Design.

MRI: Acquisition of a High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope for In Situ Microscopy Research and Education.

NRI: Co-Robots to Engage Next Generation of Students in STEM Learning.

Electrospray from Magneto-electrostatic Instabilities.

Fundamental Understanding on the Role of Structural Defects on Lithiation of Nanoscale Transition Metal Oxides.

Fundamental Investigations for Very High Heat-Flux Innovative Operations of Milli-Meter Scale Flow Boilers.

I/UCRC: Novel High Voltage/Temperature Materials and Structures.

CAREER: A New Perspective on Biomineralization in Healthy and Dysfunctional Ferritins.

CAREER: Steerable Powered Ankle-foot Prostheses for Increased Mobility in Amputees.

Mass Measurements of an Electrospray Beam from a Single Emitter Ionic Liquid.

A New Experiment for Determining Evaporation and Condensation Coefficients of Cryogenic Propellants and Development of an Efficient Computational Model of Cryogenic Film Stability in Microgravity.

Distributed Agent-based Management of Agile Microgrids.

NSF/DOE Advanced Combustion Engines: Ignition and Combustion Characteristics of Transportation Fuels under Lean-Burn Conditions for Advanced Engine Concepts.

  • 1815 Autonomous Vehicles for Autonomous Science.
  • 1818 Atomic Force Microscope
  • 1820 NI Autonomous Robotics Competition 2015
  • 1825 Lower Body Exoskeleton Gait Generation and Motion Control
  • 1827 3D printing for bio-degradable items
  • 1828 Parameterisation of TLUD Cookstoves to Reduce Emissions
  • 1830 Gas Turbine Reheat Combustor
  • 1836 Single-Grain “Sorter and Loader” for Optical Dating
  • 1846 Application of Ultrasound To Control Cyanobacteria
  • 1866 Innovative Modelling and Testing of Clipsal’s Universal Switch Mech (30USM)
  • 1868 Archery performance and assessment
  • 1870 How much can we dent and damage an aircraft before it goes POP!
  • 1874 Development of really cool toys to promote engineering to school students.
  • 1875 Hydro power from scrap – providing electricity to the world
  • 1877 Blue-prints for manufacturing plants in resource-constrained communities
  • 1880 Effect of Tubercles on Heat Convection
  • 1881 Effective Cooling of Power Bank Energy Storage
  • 1883 RoboSub Competition
  • 1885 Design and build of a lean manufacturing system for custom wheelchair seating
  • 1888 Design and Evaluation of Nacre-Like Staggered Composites
  • 1889 Smart BBQ
  • 1890 Kangaroo robot (and biomechanics)
  • 1893 Thermoacoustic heat engine
  • 1895 The World’s Fastest Track Bike
  • 1896 Bicycle Helmet Aerodynamics & Cooling
  • 1897 High-efficiency fans using crazy foil profiles
  • 1899 Hand Cycling 1
  • 1901 Hand Cycling 3
  • 1902 Waste heat harvesting using multiferroic alloys
  • 1906 Biomechanics and aerodynamics of hucking and pulling in ultimate frisbee
  • 1910 Design and build a PV testing facility
  • 1913 The Solar Car Sub-System #1: Aerodynamics, Structures and Ergonomics
  • 1914 The Solar Car Sub-System #2: Mechanical Systems and Dynamics
  • 1915 The Solar Car Sub-System #3: Electrical and Motive Power
  • 1921 ZELOS: An Autonomous Ground Vehicle
  • 1922 Design and build a controllable leading & trailing-edge aerofoil system
  • 1927 Satellite Systems Engineering
  • 1928 Satellite ADCS test and integration
  • 1932 Vineyard posts mechanical property analysis and testing
  • 1933 A Novel Hybrid Furnace IV: Effect of burner designs on the pressure in the furnace
  • 1934 CFD modeling of solar enhanced coal gasification in a vortex gasifier
  • 1936 Design and Development of High Performance Surfboard Fins
  • 1938 Design of secure letterboxes for large parcels
  • 1939 Strong, lightweight, and recoverable materials: simulation, 3D printing and testing
  • 1940 High Temperature Thermal Storage Systems – Application to Resort Hotel
  • 1942 Off-Road Racing Buggy Suspension Linkage System
  • 1943 Olympic Training Facility
  • 1945 Multifunctional vineyard post wrangler
  • 1947 Purify water with plasma
  • 1948 Investigating the plasma dynamics of laser-induced optical breakdown in Vitreolysis
  • 1950 Autonomous Firefighting Robot
  • 1951 Automated Taco Maker
  • 1958 Large gap magnetic levitation
  • 1959 Design and build a virtual spring system for flexible aerofoils.
  • 1960 Automated Beer Brewing System
  • 1962 Optimisation of a crystal’s composition for optical refrigeration
  • 1964 Wave Power Generation
  • 1967 Rowing ergo instrumentation and biomechanics
  • 1969 De-fouling Heat Exchangers with a Ball Cleaning System
  • 1976 Wave power from scrap – providing electricity to the world
  • 1977 Ultra Micro Gas Turbine
  • 1980 Cooperative Juggling Quadcopters
  • 1981 Modelling the thermal characteristics of rare Pilbara bat roosts in mines and caves
  • 1982 CFD modelling of coal combustion in a drop tube furnace
  • 1989 Water treatment using non thermal plasma
  • 1990 Feasibility of Quantum Computing as a Future HPC method
  • 1992 Active Exhaust Silencer (3 students)
  • 1993 Active Exhaust Silencer (2 students)
  • 1995 Next generation power assist wheelchair
  • 1999 System dynamic modelling within a complex naval project
  • 2000 Automating the AFL kicking machine
  • 2004 Performance of an insect-inspired target tracking algorithm in natural pursuit simulations
  • 2013 Design and Build – Elastic Actuator
  • 2017 Autonomous Environment Modelling

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