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Mechanical Engineering

Bar Code Scanner + Arduino USB Shield

Introduction: In the world industry , a lot of products are identified by bar codes, is one of the most effective methods to identify products,...

Lm35 with Arduino

LM35 with Arduino
Lm35 with Arduino     LM35 is the best temperature sensor you can use it with ARDUINO, because it is easy to wire and program it does...

TFT touch screen with the use of Arduino: Print Screen Type

Introduction Hello friends of the screen will user in this paper with the Arduino with you touch TFT screen font to print  the application in...


Arduino ir remote controller: first of all you must connect the IR sensor receiver   to the arduino board pin 11 then connect the board to...

Robot Guitar – bringing unseen data sources into the real world

robot guitar
Robot Guitar - bringing unseen data sources into the real world In one of those moments when something, some image or concept can completely capture...


SCRATCH EXTENSION ARDUINO Quick Start To use the extension, upload the StandardFirmata program to your Arduino board and then open the Arduino extension on Introduction This Scratch...
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LilyPad Arduino

HC-SR04 Sensor

Arduino Mega 2560

Arduino Bluetooth HC-06

Dot Matrix LED display

IC 4510


arduino pro mini

ADC 0804


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How do we make Arduino project improve our daily life? This is an example about what we did, the Arduino automatic watering system. You don't need to worry abut your lovely bonsai when you're on busin...

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Pixella - Mind Blowing Led Controller. Color picker, light pattern, music reactive, smart automation. Its AWESOME.

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